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Joachim “JK” Grafe – 24 years experience
CEO and Founder Joachim “JK” Grafe was born and raised in Germany, and held positions as a CIO and IT Manager before moving to the United States in 1998. In 1985 his carrier started when he spent all of his savings on a new Commodore computer. He found computers so intriguing that he has devoted himself to working for the last 24 years as a professional software developer. He has a deep knowledge of core programs as well as being well versed in using RDI, RPG LE, DB/400 and OS/i5. With a broad range of expirience from hospitals to insurance companies to media giants he adds much skill to our team. He is always looking for new ideas and ways that can benefit his customers. JK has been a trustee member of JAX Chamber since 2011. He also was part of the Cecil Field Advisory Committee, International Visitor Corps of Jacksonville and Westside Business Leaders where he received ‘Citizen of the Year’ Award in 2007.
Regina Curtis - 6 years experience
Project Manager Regina Curtis is an experienced manager who brings many aspects of Quad Nova together to form a cohesive team. Regina works closely with the business analysts, software architects, the administration team, and the executive members of the company. Regina started her career with Quad Nova Group and has grown alongside the company as she continues to progress in her role. She graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville with a Bachelor's degree in IT Management while working for Quad Nova Group, bringing new ideas and a fresh perspective to the company.
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Volker Schmelich – 10 years experience
Software Architect Volker Schmelich was also born and raised in Germany. He holds the equivalent of a U.S degree of Master of Science in Management Information Systems and graduated from University of Leipizg, Germany in 2006. As the Software Architect, Volker, is responsible for the modern world. Volker speaks Java fluently and thinks in SQL. Spring Framework, Hibernate and Enterprise Java are his favorite tools. Designing complex systems and meeting the needs of our clients takes up most of his time. In his spare time he plays with the latest in open source software.
Kerry Wetmiller – 15 years experience
Senior Technical Business Analyst Kerry Wetmiller is an experienced technologist and web developer with over a decade of practical experience creating web applications on the i5 using WebSmart. Kerry is responsible for interfacing with clients, understanding business requirements and designing innovative technical solutions. Kerry also creates project development plans, allocates development resources, and provides development effort estimates and setting key milestones to report to stakeholders. Kerry’s keen eye for front end design and overall user experience makes her a great asset to our company. Kerry has a Bachelors of Business Administration, Management Information Systems from Loyola University Maryland, while also being a recipient of a 2012 Baltimore Center of Excellence Award at a top investment bank in recognition of delivering high-quality, innovative solutions for critical applications.
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Wallid Kanaan – 2 years experience
Business Analyst Wallid Kanaan recently graduated from UMBC with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Information Systems, with a minor in Economics, and is pursuing a career in IT . Wallid is currently responsible for gathering requests and requirements from clients, creating development plans and solutions, and quality-testing software builds before distribution. His efficiency, charisma, and strive to help others make him a valuable asset to our company. Wallid has a passion for software and hardware, and decided to be a video entertainer about these topics at a young age. In his spare time, he continues to create more of such content using his skills in video editing and graphic design.
Deborah Burch – 2 years experience
Executive Assistant Deborah Burch is a dedicated and focused assistant who excels at prioritizing, managing multiple tasks, and follow-through to achieve project goals. Flexible and hard-working, with a strong drive to succeed, Deborah is responsible for scheduling and coordinating meetings and appointments along with managing the day-to-day operations at Quad Nova Group.
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